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April 22nd, 2017 + 4:04 PM  ·  Unnote

Hi, everyone,
My first post here!

I am a singer/songwriter/musician with passion for progressive rock, guitar-oriented music, jazz and classical.
Decided to share a few original songs I have recorded in the last couple of years.

For some reason I cannot upload my mp3s here in 'My Music' section, so I am posting YouTube links (I hope that's OK).

The Winter Road is my most recent piece. It is a slow building tune in the AOR/prog rock theritory.

Ages is an instrumental track - electric guitar, blended with vintage strings/synth soundscapes and some etno motifs.

Have I been charmed? is a lighter, melancholic jazz-rock song with a retro feel.

All songs are one-man-production: music, lyrics, performance, mixing, etc.
I'd be very happy to get your opinions! Thanks for listening!
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